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Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils.  Living Well San Antonio keeps their single oils, blends and some supplements in stock. 

If you're not sure which oils to purchase, we're happy to help you decide. We also have an iTOVi.  The iTOVi Tracker  scans your body's frequency and reports the top oils to promote optimal health and well-being.


For a quick overview of essential oils, see the answers to some common questions below. 

What Is An Essential Oil?

Two types of oils come from plants: Greasy oils, like coconut and olive oil, and essential oils, which are not greasy. Essential oils are aromatic liquids that protect plants from insects, harsh environmental conditions and disease.  Think of them as the immune system of the plant. 

Essential oils are amazingly powerful, but gentle enough to use with babies and children. They can be used  topically, taken internally and diffused. They also make  fantastic cleaning  ingredients, which reduces exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Why do Essential Oil Prices Vary So Widely?

The price is based on whether or not the oil is genuine. Only 2% of the essential oils sold in the US can meet that standard, and they are the only ones to use.  Many say 100% pure on the front label, but in the U.S., that can mean that they have SOME 100% pure oil in them. That doesn't mean that is all they contain. I have seen lemon oil for $4 and $5. It takes 78 lemons to make 15ml of lemon essential oil--the most common size bottle. A good lemon essential oil should cost from $13-15. Lavender and Peppermint should cost $27-32 for a 15 ml bottle.True essential oils are not typically available at health food stores.  If you're going to spend money on it, get the real thing, get Young Living.

If I Want To Start Using Essential Oils, How Would I Use Them?

People use essential oils all day long. For body care, skin care, to support the immune system, change your mood, promote energy, etc. People also make non-toxic cleaners with essential oils. Stop in for ideas and to see our selection of amazing oils.

I've heard I can join and save

If you'd like to become a Young Living Member and save 24%, we suggest people sign up through our Sister company, Essential Oil San Antonio.

 Would you like to have a Premium Starter Kit immediately? EOSA keeps some in stock, so if you're in SA, start today!

Learn More About Essential Oils

There are many books and websites available to help you learn about essential oils. Here are some links:


Life Science Publishing


The San Antonio Public Library carries quite a few aromatherapy books. Most of them are based on the English method, rather than the French method, that Young Living models, but they are great resources!