Genuine Jade Eggs

Women can support physical and emotional well-being using Yoni eggs. Kegel exercises are helpful, but Yoni eggs have been around for thousands of years. 

"Specialists in the field, such as Rachel Abrams, MD, who coauthored The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, and Saidia Desilets, who wrote Emergence of the Sensual Woman, report that “women who work with the Jade Egg could lessen or eliminate PMS and menopausal symptoms, aid in fertility and cancer prevention (of the breasts and genitals), and stimulate a much wider range of orgasmic experiences.” This practice is also known to assist in reducing incontinence, increasing sexual pleasure, helping to balance hormones, increasing vaginal lubrication and dexterity, and supporting us in becoming familiar with the inner landscape of our vaginal canal."  (From Spirituality & Health Magazine. Read more here. )

These eggs are heavy, so they don't get stuck inside the body. We carry drilled and undrilled sets. $179 per set of three.