(The state of Texas does not allow testimonials for massage, so no testimonials for Raindrop Technique are posted.)

I had my first ever BodyTalk session with Sue 3 weeks after shoulder surgery 

(full tears: rotator & bicep) on my dominant side.  My pain level was a 14 on
a 1 to 10 scale...
I was so amazed and grateful when walking to my car after that session, that
I had no pain!!  Ok, maybe .05 would be most accurate.  Sue is a knowledgeable, 
gentle & gifted healer that I will
always return to.
Laura G.
After one BodyTalk session:
     "I want to thank you for the treatment I received almost 2 weeks ago.
  My prostate has been acting nearly normal without any supplements."

A mom comments on her teen:
     "She wanted to go to her doctor for an increase in her
antidepressants, but after the session with you, she didn't feel
she needed to."

I thank you for creating a space where I felt safe enough to bring
(an issue) forward. I was not able to verbalize it before.  You are very
intuitive and I am so glad I have you as a resource.

Thank you again for always making me feel great! I leave your place and
 feel the good comfort feelings I remember feeling when I was young and
my mom rubbed my tummy when I was sick or caressed my arms or hair
when I was sad or stressed.

“Sue’s well-balanced melding of intuition, knowledge, and compassion bring
SUCH richness and warmth to her
sessions: I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Two weeks after a session on a six-year-old diagnosed as
low-functioning MR:
"He's speaking in three- and four-word sentences now."