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Living Well Offers three types of massage:

Raindrop Technique

The application of nine essential oils on the feet and back using Vita Flex and massage. It supports a healthy body with its relaxing and mild application and provides a revolutionary means of promoting balance and harmony in the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Raindrop Technique at Living Well San Antonio is GLUTEN FREE. $84

Transformation Session

A 90-minute Transformation Session combines BodyTalk and Abundance Raindrop Technique. Terrific for those hoping to release negative emotions, overcome fear and procrastination, increase feelings of strength and protection, tap into your power, and feel open to new possibilities. $125

NeuroAuricular Technique

The application of six essential oils to the base of the skull and upper spine for the purpose of creating an environment that supports optimal health, healing, and bodily function. $65